OHSAS System Implementation - Step by Step

OHSAS Management System Implementation steps:

  • The management system should be planned properly. Careful consideration should also be given to the objectives of the business, the structure of the business, the requirements of the relevant standard(s), and identified compliance gaps.
  • The policy statement should be defined. Also ensure that it is user-friendly, written in your language, and unique to your business.
  • Processes (both core and support) and their interaction should be defined.
  • Core processes (in flow chart form) should be documented.
  • Core sub-processes with the necessary work instructions should be documented.
  • The necessary support processes (such as training, purchasing, document control) should be documented.
  • System performance metrics (i.e. cost of poor quality) should be identified; baseline and commence data gathering and analysis should also be identified.
  • In order for system documents to be available to certain people, a document distribution system should be established.
  • The work force should be trained/oriented in the general aspects of the management system, as well as in the aspects of the management system that are more specific to their jobs.
  • The management system should be audited internally, in order to ensure that it is understood, implemented and compliant with the Standard.
  • An initial management review should be held.
  • A registration body should be selected
  • The organisation should undergo a registration audit.
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Factors affecting the implementation period of an OHSAS System

  • The degree to which top management are really committed to an OHSAS Management System Implementation
  • Availability of resources. Can people be freed up to spend time on the OHSAS Management System?
  • Whether or not important deadlines need to be attained.
  • The type, size, and configuration of the organisation.
  • The compliance status of the organisation when the implementation process starts.
  • The extend to which the organisation is “system oriented”, as well as the extend to which the current level of processes can be used in the OHSAS Management System.
  • The number and magnitude of health/safety hazards and risks.

Ensuring smooth OHSAS Management System Implementation

  • Before implementing an OHSAS Management System, you need to be sure of your decision. It is expensive and at times difficult to implement an OHSAS Management System that is effective (works well) and adds value to your organisation. Also realize that the implementation process takes time. However, once implemented, it acts as a tool to help run the organisation better and secure continually improvement.
  • Always ensure that top management is at all times fully supportive of the OHSAS Management System Implementation.
  • A Service Provider (like ISO SURE Management Consultants – contact us) and project manager should be appointed. The Service Provider and project manager should have the support of not only top management, but also his co-workers. The project manager should also possess knowledge regarding company processes, company history, and people.
  • It is of the utmost importance to implement the OHSAS Management System to fit your business; to comply with the specific needs of your business and ultimately to meet your goals. Do not feel pressured at all by outside influences.

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