Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Quality AssuranceAn occupational health and safety implementation system is seen as a network of interrelated elements. These elements include processes, practices, relationships, authorities, procedures, resources, functions, activities and responsibilities. The above mentioned elements are used to establish occupational health and safety objectives, programs, plans, and policies. The concept of occupational health and safety consulting may seem somewhat abstract. Fortunately though, you do not have to completely understand, absorb, or memorize what it means. By simply meeting all the OHSAS 18001 audit requirements, you will automatically establish an integrated occupationa health and safety management system for your business.

What is OHSAS 18001?

OHSAS 18001 is an occupational health and safety management standard. It defines a set of health and safety management requirements for occupational health and safety documentation systems. OHSAS 18001 is intended to help organizations control occupational health and safety compliance risks. It was developed in response to widespread demand for a recognized standard against which to be certified and assessed.

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

What is the Purpose of OHSAS 18001?

The purpose of OHSAS 18001, implemented by health and safety management consultants, is to help organizations manage and control their occupational health and safety risks and to subsequently improve their occupational health and safety performance. Businesses can achieve this purpose by developing an health and safety documentation system that complies with OHSAS 18001.

List of Services relating to Occupational Health and Safety

ISO SURE, a leading health and safety implementation company, is able to assist you with any of the health and safety documentation services mentioned below:

  • Design, development and maintenance of health and safety systems
  • Developing and drafting of all health and safety documentation relating to the Act, i.e. policies, procedures and manuals
  • Development of SHE files
  • Reviewing of current health and safety documentation
  • Health and safety documentation management and control
  • Re-engineering of current health and safety systems
  • Consultancy and general health and safety advice services
  • Achieving audit readiness
  • Ensuring OHSAS compliance
  • Ensuring Construction Regulation compliance
  • Ensuring Hazardous Chemical Regulation compliance
  • Ensuring Fire Fighting Equipment compliance
  • Ensuring health and safety management compliance with Safety Sign Regulations
  • Conducting of Gap Analysis Audits
  • Conducting of Internal Audits on Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Conducting supplier/third party audits
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Emergency response procedure development

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