Environmental Management

What does an Environmental Management System involve?

Quality AssuranceAn Environmental Management System (EMS) has the aim of ensuring that all businesses, whether public or private, as well as governmental agencies, limit their negative impact on the environment while continuing to function in an efficient manner. An environmental management system is built on a structure which includes process planning, principle application, outcome monitoring, and operation correction. An environmental management system is thus designed to improve business operations and efficiently reduce environmental impact.

What can an Environmental Management System do for your business?

An environmental management system can do the following for your business:

  • Improves your image;
  • Improves your environmental performance;
  • Enables your business to comply with present and future environmental regulations;
  • Helps to reduce waste at source;
  • Increases your profits and saves you money; and
  • Enhances your overall productivity.

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

Who needs and Environmental Management System?

Businesses looking for the following may need an environmental management system.

  • Businesses that do not have an effective environmental policy established;
  • Businesses that recognize that its environmental problems are a liability;
  • Businesses that seek a competitive edge;
  • Businesses prevented from managing its environmental obligations effectively due to the lack of resources and time;
  • Businesses that want to achieve sustained compliance in both existing and forthcoming regulations; and
  • Businesses that want to improve their environmental performance through strategizing.

List of Services relating to Environmental Management

Below are the environmental management services with which ISO SURE can help you with:

  • System Implementation;
  • Ensure Certification Audit Readiness;
  • Ensure Compliance with International Best Practices;
  • System Re-engineering;
  • System Management and Maintenance;
  • Develop an Environmental Management System;
  • Draft an Environmental Manual;
  • Develop Environmental Management Policies and Procedures;
  • Review current Policies and Procedures;
  • Develop Document Control Policies and Procedures;
  • Conduct Internal Environmental Management System Audits;
  • Conduct Gap Analysis Audits;
  • Conduct SupplierThird Party Audits;
  • Manage and Control Documentation;
  • Conduct Environmental Management Compliance Audits;
  • Ensure compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations; and
  • Advice and Consultancy Service.

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