About QualiCertus

QualiCertus cc was opened in 2009 specializing in Iso 9001, servicing all sectors in the industry. Our consultants have over a decade of experience in consulting and auditing, as well as the necessary education and skills to effectively assist you with all your Iso 9001:2015 needs. QualiCertus and our consultants is registered with SAQI (South African Quality Institute), for further piece of mind that you are dealing with a world class company.

Our business name QualiCertus is derived out of two words Quali – which refers to the Quality Management Industry and Certus which is a Latin word – this word is roughly translated as sure, reliable, trustworthy and loyal. This means that QualiCertus is able to provide you QMS Services that you can trust , our consultants are loyal and reliable to every client they service. You can be sure of getting all your Iso 9001:2015 needs not only met, but surpassed. Quality AssuranceWe specialize in consultation, development and first and second party compliance audits in the Iso 9001:2015 industry. Give us a call for all your Iso 9001:2015 needs, QualiCertus where we go beyond expectation.


We at QualiCertus not only want to provide our clients with professional, cost effective and international quality ISO 9001:2015 services, but also become their long term business partner. This means that our clients' mission becomes our vision.


Staying true to our mission we want to be an ISO 9001:2015 service provider that is known for our undisputed client satisfaction. When clients deal with QualiCertus they know that they are dealing with a quality company that will deliver on their commitments and surpass the clients' desired results. This result can only be achieved through our trained and committed staff that always has our clients' best interest at heart. By eagerly following our clients' needs and meeting their requirements we will become the number one ISO 9001:2015 service provider.


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